Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Sandwich

There are a few things I love: Brian, Adelle, being a Mama, teaching, and sandwiches! Two in particular are the Grilled Cheese and the BLT. I love eating grilled cheese sandwiches during the winter. The melted warmth of the cheese warms my belly. During the summer I love eating the cool crispness of the BLT. It IS the summer sandwich!

Now, a lot of people like their BLT with toasted bread. I don't! I have sensitive gums and prefer not to tear them up, no matter how tasty the food. I like the obvious bacon, lettuce and tomato - the main ingredients in this delicious sandwich. I also like a slathering of mayo on my honey wheat, untoasted bread. I really like it when the tomatoes are home grown and juicy, while the bacon needs to be crispy yet not too done.

One of my favorite BLTs is made by Subway of all places! When someone else, Subway, makes my BLT I get it with black olives, onion and cucumbers too. There is something amazing about all of the tastes rolled into one bite. Avocado is an incredible addition to this tasty sandwich, though you need to make sure it's cut thin enough to not slip out of the sandwich when bite it.

I think I'm ready for another BLT!

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